Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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Plants can turn off virus DNA

The research comes from Wageningen UR in the Netherlands. More

China reopens citrus market to California

The Golden State can now resume exporting citrus to China. More

Coca-Cola donates to citrus greening research

The soda company is donating $1.5 million to fund research programs. More

Russia bans agriculture produce from U.S. and EU, among others

The ban will also forbid products from Canada, Norway, and Australia. More

USDA gives update on Farm Bill implementation

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack provides updates on every section of the Farm Bill. More

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GreenNest will integrate hotel and horticultural experience

Plants and crops will not only be used for d├ęcor, but as part of an interactive experience. More

USDA investing $45 million to improve Lake Champlain

The federal funds will promote conservation practices in critical areas over the next five years. More

Tomatoes reduce risk of prostate cancer

Research out of England suggests a regular diet of tomatoes will reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. More

Citrus greening takes hold in Rio Grande Valley

The disease has been detected in 430 trees in commercial groves and 207 residential backyards. More

Peppers improve health, research says

New research claims that eating chili peppers reduces the risk of colorectal and bowel tumors and can extend life span by 30 percent. More

Citrus greening spreading in Florida

The disease has now been reported in 37 of Florida's 67 counties. More

Russian food embargo begins affecting Europe

The EU's farm exports to Russia are worth $9 billion annually. More

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Growing strawberries in greenhouses

The University of Arizona's Mark Kroggel and the University of Arkansas's Michael Evans discuss the basics of growing strawberries in greenhouses. More