Friday, August 01, 2014

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U.S. starting Rural Investment Fund

By New York Times

The U.S. Rural Council will start a $10 billion investment fund that will give pensions and investment for large agriculture projects. More

Going green costs dollars, but makes sense

By Neil Moran

Growers commit to Mother Earth and their customers. More

Hydroponics for a changing market

By Neil Moran

It’s hardly traditional, and that’s precisely the point. More

Protecting veggies from mites

By Raymond Cloyd

Dealing with twospotted spider mites involves consistent maintenance practices. More

Growing with the fishes

By Neil Moran

Bio-integrated aquaponics is predicted to boom. More

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University expanding agriculture program with greenhouses

Western Illinois University is constructing two greenhouses for its agriculture program. More

Greenhouse growing vegetables for Mars

An experimental greenhouse in Germany is attempting to grow crops in a simulated Martian environment. More

Bayer CropScience announces Darrin Batisky as area sales manager

Batisky to support distributors and end-users in Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Central and Southern Ohio. More

Acceptance for healthier school lunches growing

Studies have found that national acceptance of healthy lunches in schools is increasing. More

BrightFarms launches crowdfunding campaign

The project will support the company's Washington, D.C. greenhouse project. More

'Exotic' vegetable demand increasing in India

Farmers are increasingly turning to greenhouses. More

Bailey's Greenhouse touts alternative energy practices

The company hosted an open house to discuss its 'green' practices. More

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Growing strawberries in greenhouses

The University of Arizona's Mark Kroggel and the University of Arkansas's Michael Evans discuss the basics of growing strawberries in greenhouses. More